mustionlinna, ravintola linnankrouvi, kalaa ja ruusuja

The dinner menu can also be prepared as a vegetarian or vegan version.

Dinner menu

Menu Signature


King crab, apple and cumin crisp bread


Musrhoom consommé, onion and roe-deer


White-tailed deer, carrots and XO-sauce


Nut-chocolate mousse, cranberries and sour milk sorbet




Menu Degustation


Beef tartar, beet root and smoked  bone marrow


Musrhoom consommé, onion and roe-deer


Pike wallenberg, malt and rösti potato


White-tailed deer, carrots and XO-sauce


Caramellized pear, oat and pear ice cream


Nut-chocolate mousse, cranberries and sour milk sorbet




Menu Signature Vegan

Can also be made vegan


Apple pudding, beetroot and cumin crisp bread


Mushroom consommé, onion and roasted buckwheat


Juniper flavored seitan, broaf´d beans and carriot puré


Caramellized pear, oat and pear ice cream



At dinner time we also serve a lounge menu for those who are in a hurry and/or the lightly hungry.


 Lounge menu

Salad of the day
18 €

Soup of the day
16 €

Assortment of Nordic cheeses
13 €

Pike-Wallenberg and almondpotato purée


Changes can accure




Restaurant Slottskrogen offers three-course lunch from Tuesday to Friday between 12:00 and 15:00.

The three-course menu includes appetizer, main course and dessert.
There are always beverages selected by our sommelier available for each course of the lunch as well.

Our lunch menu is built mainly on local raw materials and is available also in a vegetarian version.

Three courses 33€


Christmas buffé at Mustio Manor served 9.12.-21.12.2019

12:00-15:00 and 18:00-20:00 from Monday to Saturday.



Lingonberry and onion herring

Mustard herring

Licorice herring


Potato from Bålaby farm and dill

Toast Skagen

Salted salmon and mustard sauce

Juniper pickled whitefish

Salted trout

Apple smoked sea salmon

Salmon roe, sour cream and red onion

Green salad

Caesar salad

Pumpkin salad

Vegetable salad

Bean salad

Rosolli salad of the house

Roast beef with cranberry chutney

Hare terrine

Lamb pastrami

Cured ham


Main course, served to the table:

Organic ham, house spruce-mustard, sweetened potato casserole, carrot casserole and swede casserole (+10€)


Assortment of Nordic cheeses

“Christmas log”


Christmas rice pudding



Christmassy fruit salad

Ginger breads and damson plum jam




Ruokafilosofiamme rakentuu ylpeydelle ainutlaatuisista raaka-aineista. Keskellä maaseutua se on oikeasti mahdollista!