Yhdessä kokkaaminen tai juomiin tutustuminen ammattilaisten opastuksella on aina elämys

Welcome to the Culinary Academy of Mustio Manor

Cooking together with the guidance of professionals is always an experience. In our atmospheric and functional educational kitchen delicacies are created. They are designed to be successfully prepared also at home. We take the wishes of the customer into account.

The course includes:

  • training in a well-supplied teaching kitchen
  • ingredients
  • renting of premises
  • apron for borrow
  • recipe booklet

Course price: 189 €/participant

The minimum charge will be for 8 participants per course. The maximum number of participants is 16 if nothing else is agreed.

The courses will take up to 3 to 4,5 hours, depending on the course and the size of the group.

The course language is Finnish, Swedish, or English.

Wine tasting 40 €/person

Wine package with dinner 46 €/person

Mustio Manor’s sommelier gives the guests an introduction to food and beverage pairing during the tasting. The wine package with the dinner includes a welcome toast with our own Svartå sekt and the wines that the guests have tasted (one glass of wine for every course). The wines are selected to match the food prepared during the course.
Beverages outside the tasting and the wine package for the dinner can be ordered and will then be charged according to consumption.

The wine tasting can be in Finnish, Swedish, or English.


Seasons/ packages:

Festive weekday

Let's renew the weekday menu to a festive level!

Menu 1:

Blini, whitefish roe
Potato and leek soup
Deer Wallenberg
Berry pie

...or Menu 2:

Creme ninon
Quiche Lorraine
Char Walevska

It´s growing again

The spring is upon us, the time of the seasonal vegetables is now! Let's go outside and gather i.a. spruce shoots, rhubarb, and wild herbs according to availability.

Perch, spruce shoots
Asparagus, poached egg
Organic chicken, sorrel (wild herbs)

Wonderful summer

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming; the loveliest time of the year is now!
Let's bring this season’s best ingredients to the table.

Fresh peas, yogurt
Tomato, halloumi cheese
Smoked fish, fresh potatoes
Strawberry, elderflower

Harvest festival

Let's cook delicacies out of the finest the harvest brings us!

(bread + pumpkin humus)
Beet, honey, and onion
Beef Wallenberg, cabbage, and carrot
Apple and oats

Pantry of the woods

The hunting season is on, and the forest has produced loads of amazing ingredients for us.

Smoked pheasant, roasted juniper berry
Forest mushrooms, herb foam
Deer Wallenberg, lingonberry, and root vegetable mash
Blueberry, sour milk pancakes