Choose from a selection of beautiful and historic event spaces, each with their own style and character to create an occasion that’s as special as your love.

Mustionlinna, svartåslott, häät, kattaus, ravintola linnankrouvi

The Pavilion is the largest and grandest venue we have to offer, with room for over 100 guests.

Through the windows, the guests can enjoy the view of our park and the Svartå River.
Our historical neo-gothic restaurant can offer an intimate surrounding with its two rooms, where an open fireplace and cast-iron candle holders contribute to the unique atmosphere.
In the larger room up to 50 guests can be seated, while the smaller room is suitable for up to 40 guests.

Mustionlinna, svartåslott, häät, puistoThe park will be a magnificent backdrop to you wedding.
The guests can stroll about and enjoy the views while they wait for the wedding to begin.
The park also provides the scenery for unforgettable wedding photographies.

Originally it was designed as a baroque park in 1787 but in the late 19th century
Friedolf Linder renewed the park into an English style of park.
He planted many exotic trees from all over the world.
The park is nowadays a retreat for the soul with its winding paths, romantic bridges, statues,
follies and the unique water lily path over the water.

Mustionlinna, svartåslott, häät, kirkko

The Svartå Church was built in 1761 and has room for 150 persons. Both our parking lot and our venues are within a short walks' distance from the church. The guests can enjoy the beautiful manor park before and after the marriage ceremony.
The park and the old ironworks environment make up an excellent surrounding for the wedding photographies.

You can find more information about the church and watch a 360° presentation on the web site of Raseborg's congregations.
(in Swedish and Finnish)

Mustionlinna, svartåslott, häät, bändi, ravintola linnankrouvi

In the old neo-gothic stable, you can continue your celebration far into the night with food, music and an open bar.
The hotel rooms are just a short walk away through the atmospherically lit park.

Mustionlinna, svartåslott, häät, kattaus, ravintola linnankrouvi, teltta

Your wedding can take place outdoors in our romantic park.
We set the tables for the guests in our wedding tent among the winding paths, statues and shading trees of the park.