The extensive and beautiful grounds and waters of the Svartå Manor estate offer many possibilities for games and sports.


The extensive grounds and waters of the Mustio Manor estate offer many possibilities for games and sports.
The sauna situated by the lake's edge is always refreshing.
If you have any wishes regarding particular activities please contact our reception who is always happy to help.


Mustio Manor can be visited with a local guide, who describes the history
and interesting personalities connected to Mustio Manor.

Our guide can also put focus on special interests such as furniture, paintings, family history, or ghost stories and anecdotes.
The tour in the manor takes about 45 minutes and is offered in Swedish or Finnish. English or German by agreement.

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A one-hour walk through the park of Svartå will give you an overview of the history from the baroque-inspired beginning to its present shape.
The manor and the nearby buildings are externally examined and the history of the ironworks is briefly touched upon.

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Guided tour through Mustio village

A one-hour guided tour around the old village of Mustio can be booked by appointment.
The tour starts at the Mustio Manor entrance and continues on along winding paths overlooking the park, statues, and follies.
The pretty worker's houses and the old factory buildings are passed on the way back to where the tour started.

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There are many historic places to visit in the vicinity of Mustio:
Fiskars Bruk, Billnäs Bruk, Ekenäs (Tammisaari in Finnish), Ingå, Hanko (Hangö in Swedish) and many others.

The churches of Ingå (Inkoo in Finnish), Lojo (Lohja in Finnish); Pojo (Pohja in Finnish) are worth a visit.

The historical castle of Raseborg is in the neighborhood of Mustio.

There are several museums amongst others in Ekenäs, Lojo, Ingå etc.


A number of different excavation sites from the stone age can be visited in the park of Mustio
and in the nearby medieval fortress ruins of Junkarsborg.


Activities in Mustio

Rowing boats

A rowing boat can be rented from our shop or reception. Price 30 € / 2h.

Boats are located near the reception by the Mustio River and keys are given out from our reception during the restaurant's opening hours.
Boating at your own risk. Life jackets must be worn. Life jackets are available to borrow. Please note that not all sizes are available.



Jopo bicycles can be rented from our reception between 1.5-30.9. Price 15 € / 2h.
Bicycles are located near the reception and keys are given out from our reception during the restaurant's opening hours.
Bicycle use at your own risk. Please note that the rent does not include a helmet, or any other safety supplies, and these cannot be provided.


 Mustio Culinary Academy

You can broaden your knowledge of gastronomy with our cooking courses in the Mustio Culinary Academy with our chef de cuisine.
Please contact the reception desk for more information.


Activities near Mustio

A well-kept cross-country skiing track is just 2km away from the park of the Mustio Manor and the downhill lift of Påminne
is about 15km from Mustio.

About 25km from Mustio is an elaborate tractor museum at the manor Gårdskulla Gård in Sjundeå.