Rhum tasting

Rhum tasting

Rhum tasting - Pirates drink it, it’s spicy and mystical, it’s rhum.

Rhum is made from sugar canes and it was believed that it had a healing effect. Production of rhum started in the Caribbean islands around the end of the 1400s and in the 1700s it was more popular than gin in Great Britain.
We’ll taste different rhums with the guidance of our bartender.

How does one rhum with longer cellaring differ from one with shorter cellaring?
How is the Latin word saccharum connected to rhum?

Price: 30€/person

The tasting takes about one hour


We recommend our Bon vivant
109€/person includes:
A hotel Comfort room for two
Breakfast buffet in the restaurant Slottskrogen
A 4-course dinner in the restaurant

Upgrade: Accomodation in a Classic room for two in Edelfelt to an additional cost of +10€/person.

The restaurant kitchen is open until 21:00.
The restaurant bar is open until 21:30.
Breakfast is served at restaurant Slottskrogen between 08:00 and 11:00.
Breakfast buffet at restaurant Slottskrogen outside arrangement is 25€/person.
Menu for children younger than 12 years -50%.

Check-in is at 15:00.
Accommodation outside arrangement to list prices of the day.
In a single room +30€
Extra bed 30€/person/night.
Children 2-6 years in extra bed 15€/person/night.
Children younger than 2 years free of charge in hotel and at breakfast.

For children:
0-2 years free of charge
2-6 years 30% of the price.
7-12 years 50% of the price.

The tour of the manor museum lasts about an hour.

A tour in the manor museum outside arrangement:
Pensioners and students 8€/person
Children 2-6 years 2€
Children younger than 6 years free of charge.


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