Mustionlinna, svartåslott, museo

Svartå Manor is situated close to the small village called Svartå or Mustio in Finnish. The Manor is one of the most precious manor houses in Finland with a history of more than two hundred years.

It was built between 1783 and 1792 by Magnus Linder II. The manor house is the largest non-ecclesiastic wooden building in Finland. The architecture is a mix of the two consecutive styles rococo and neo-classicism and the Gustavian style dominates the interior. Special features in the main building are the parquet floors, one made in four kinds of wood and on the second floor is a unique bedroom where one king (Gustav III) and two emperors (Alexander I and Alexander II of Russia) have slept.

Probably the most glorious time in Svartå Manor was during the ownership of Hjalmar Linder in the first years of 1900. He owned altogether 64 000 hectares of land and one of the first cars in Finland, which he brought here in 1902. Among others the Swedish painter Louis Sparre and the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius were Hjalmar Linder’s guests in Svartå.

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