Mustionlinna, svartåslott, svartå manor, puisto, aktiviteettejaBall sports:

badminton, croquet, boule, frisbee-golf etc.

-hit some golf balls in the park with your own clubs

-swimming in the Svartå river

-fishing in the Svartå river*



-rowing through the breathtaking nature*

-hiking in the park and its surrounding

-off-road driving*

About 15 km from Svartå is a downhill-cart track called Påminne, which is fun for the whole family.

Within a radius of 50 km there are 5 high-class golf courses, which are ranked amongst the best in Finland.

The nearest outdoors tennis court is in Fiskars, which is about 25km from Svartå.

We are cooperating with a company specialized on activities for groups and individuals (please visit SE Action).

*Please book these activities and the equipment in advance.



Mustionlinna, svartåslott, svartå manor, puisto, aktiviteetteja, lummepolkuA one hour walk through the park of Svartå will give you an overview of the history from the baroque inspired beginning to its present shape. The manor and the nearby buildings are externally examined and the history of the ironworks is briefly touched upon. (For prices please click here)